Canon G9 X Mark II Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Canon G9 X Mark II Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

I should start by saying that there is a newer version of this camera out there. There is a mark iii that shoots 4k, and it was not what I was looking for. Check out Canon G7X Mark II Black Friday

I have always had a camera with me that I just kind of carry around to record my day-to-day basis, and because it was a little better quality that I could use in these videos, so I thought it was interesting to kind of talk about the camera and kind of why I decided to buy this camera right now so for the longest time the camera that I always carried with me was this canon s120 this camera is beaten to death it still works.


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I think many people who did vlogs and things like that kind of bought this camera, so I was very impressed with the quality to back then. Cameras have evolved, and there’s much better quality now, but I found that this camera was great for documenting vlogging type thing. This camera has incredible specs. Considering how old it is and how small it is, there are great things you can do with this camera.

Auto Focus

What I do like about this camera is the autofocus. It has a lovely beautiful focus lens and has decent autofocus. Once it grabs onto your face, it holds on pretty well. This version, particularly the silver leather I think is I think this leather is nice; I think it creates a beautiful camera. The s120 was just pure black, and it was okay, but I thought this looked good.

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I ever decided to do so. Some of the things I wasn’t too far from the camera. I think this is a 24 to like 70, which is the average, but I think this one was a 16. I felt like this lens was a little wider than this one is, so I feel like whenever you’re recording yourself, it feels slightly close. It might be just because I’m not used to it again. I’ve used this camera for the past eight years, seven-eight years, and I just got this camera a couple of days ago, so I’m just not used to the focal length, but it was something that I kind of called my attention strategy.


I feel like every camera is about how well you get with the camera and not really about the camera itself. There’s wi-fi in here. I don’t know who uses wi-fi on their camera, but I guess that could be a thing sd card on the bottom and battery. I bought a spare bat is quite lovely. He has an awesome little tread thing just to fill in that gap.

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It very important to kind of document my day-to-day basis, either when I’m working or with family, just as a way to look back and see those moments and see what was happening at that time I feel like life changes so fast having something like this shooting.

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