Canon G7X Mark II Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Canon G7X Mark ii Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

What you see is the camera’s video mode on auto. Suppose you want to check out the exact specifications and current price. Let’s get into the review, so allow me to begin by firing off some positives, and the reason I got this camera one is a small handheld mirrorless camera that you can fit in your pocket that has everything built-in ready to go you don’t need any detachable lenses. It has a good range of zoom. Also, check out Canon D70 Black Friday

cannon g7x mark 2 boxing day

Flip Screen

Now you can’t get way too close to the camera. There is a limit to how close you can go with it. We thought it is getting blurry, but that’s never been an issue for me. The more zoomed in you make it, the better depth of field and more shallow sharpness you can get, which I enjoy the quality of this camera next up. The other significant point that I have for this camera is the flip-out screen that was a big purchase point for me.

cannon g7x mark 2 cyber monday

ND-Filter & Wifi Features

You can also turn that feature on and off if you don’t want to accidentally something, so you’ve got good capabilities in the menu. Aside from the flip-out screen, it’s got many other great built-in features, especially if you are planning a vlog with it.

It’s got a built-in ND filter it’s called Wi-Fi features a built-in time-lapse mode, so you don’t have to worry about buying a time-lapse intervalometer or doing stitching in other weird ways you can do it right in the camera has a host of different options on the mode wheel like video mode photo mode and speaking of the photo to the video I think this camera is excellent.

cannon g7x mark 2 black friday


You can’t fit those in your pocket, and I just wanted to do like point-and-shoot run and gun-style video or photo. Hence, it’s great when you find yourself not grabbing your big DSLR, and you want to grab something smaller. It gives you it doesn’t give you an excuse to leave your camera at home for the day now some things that are neutral to me about this camera are one the battery life it’s pretty good it could be worse it could be better I would recommend getting an extra battery I found that keeping one battery in this camera it’ll last you about an evening of shooting. Still, if you wanted to go from sunup to sundown I get an extra battery.

Final Words

I’m okay with uploading crisp 1080p on YouTube and things like that. Finally, I will say that the built-in audio on this is not the greatest for me. I’m not that picky; I don’t mind; I’m just trying to get these vlogs, and I believe that the content is is better as long as the audio is pretty workable for things like vlogs, but if you listen closely when the camera is silent

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