Canon EOS Rebel T6 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Canon Rebel T6 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

When you’re just getting started, it’s quite good to learn how to use the camera without getting too deep into the actual settings. Now, if you don’t want to take it a little bit more seriously, you can use a couple of these different settings. Check it out Canon Pro-100S Black Friday

We’ve got program shutter speed aperture priority and also manual, so you can test these out if you want to, but also maybe look up a tutorial on how to use them; later on, we’ve got a couple of other different settings right here so you’ve got sports and something for flowers and portraits.


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Pop-Up Flash

When you use a pop-up flash that the results aren’t going to be great, but if you are in really low lighting conditions, it can be quite good to use the flash to close it, we can change another setting, so that’s essentially a secondary set to be added to be changed now button that a lot of people like to use is this button right here, of course, it’s the shutter button which allows you to take a photo now it also does another thing if you half-press it, so you don’t press it down did you hear that beep. Check out Nikon D850 Black Friday Deals.


If we move over to video mode by going on the mode dial and then we hit this button, you can see the little red dots come up right here, and that means we’re recording. You can also see this red flashing light right here to stop recording. All you need to do hit the record button. Now we’ve got the a/b button right here; we’ve also got the trashcan button. This is got a few different uses.

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Scroll Wheel

If you press this down and turn the scroll wheel, we’re going to adjust our exposure or how bright or dark our image is. Also, if we go to the little playback button right here, then we hit this button; it’ll allow you to delete your photo so you can hit set and then delete the photo. Now, if we move over to the right here, we’ve got a Display button and what this allows you to do is happen of different options on the back of your screen.


If you hit the Display button, you can see that we now have nothing on the screen. If I hit it again, we’ve got a few different settings right here. We’ve got our aperture exposure and what our ISO is, and our battery hit it again. We’ve got a few more options right here once more, and we get a histogram on the back of our screen. We’ve got another button right here, which is our cue button, and this is going to allow you to change some settings on the fly so you can change the autofocus mode to face tracking or single point you can change to continuous shooting or just shooting.

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We’re going to open up our battery slot here. The SD card is what you’re going to use to take the photos in the bottom right here, so to take this out, all you need to do is press it down. Then it’s going to spring out, and there’s your SD card now then you can put this into the side of your computer or use a USB card reader, and you can have a look at your photos if you want to put it back in it’s going to go in that way press it down.

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