Brother FS40 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Brother FS40 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

This is the brother fs40 it’s um an fs model so it’s similar to the other model so you can get 60 stitches in this and you can get 100 stitches so they’re all very similar the only difference is the number of stitches and possibly the number of feet that you get with them but on the whole, we’re just reviewing the machine right here we go let’s have a look and see which you will press all the buttons to adjust the width the stitch length the number of uh the stitch style. Check Out Singer HD 4423 Black Friday


Brother fs40 black friday

Rotary Hook System

The speed control just there and the speed control underneath that we’ve got the needle up-down position which is really handy for a lot of fiddly work when you need to just have that needle down and um you don’t reach over to hand wheel and you’ve got the automatic and you’ve got the electronic reverse button so that’s your front panel so it’s a rotary hook system.


This means it’s a top loader so the bobbin goes in from the top that makes it so much easier to thread up um and brother does have nice threading up the system on their machines on the side you’ve got the handwheel and brother have these grooves on the top which um when you’ve got the thread take-up lever at the highest point on the top of the machine here’s our threading system so we just need to put our thread in there you’ve got one two three four five different buttonholes.

Brother fs40 cyber monday

Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine

There which is really good you’ve got a selection of needles here you’ve got um you have one needle in there you’ve got one needle in there it’s a size 14 you have a twin needle which is different from the other twin needles that we had the other ones had a dog-leg so you can see what I mean by a dog-leg slightly shifted to the other side I don’t understand why the um twin needle system is like that on the heavy-duty sewing machine.


I haven’t tried it yet if any of you know that’ll be great we’ve got our different feet you’ve got your zigzag foot your standard zigzag foot already installed on the machine you have afoot to end which is great for embroidery so all these decorative stitches that you’ll stitch out use foot and it just makes it slide a little bit better it’s a little bit wider and it just adheres to the fabric a little bit better you have your edge foot so your overlocking foot you have your blind hem foot.

Brother fs40 boxing day

Ballpoint Needle

There are universal needles if you’ve got your 11 14 and you’re 16. and then on 12 you’ve got your 90 14 so it’s size 14 0.9 of a millimetre thick that’s what the 90 is number 12 is a ballpoint needle so that’s great for jersey fabrics so we can use that for stretch number 11 is a twin needle but they’ve not told you how wide it.


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