Bose Module 500 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Get a Bose Bass Module 500 Black Friday Deal and save on your favourite Speakers, check our Bose Module 500 Cyber Monday & Boxing Day.

Bose Bass Module 500 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Bose Bass Module 500 black friday

LED displays

The full-sized soundbars are the Bose 500 and the Bose 300. The Bose uh 500 soundbars are actually designed for smaller spaces because they are thinner and shorter. The size difference is approximately 6 to 7 inches. Most 300 and 700 models have tempered glass tops, but the Bose 500 in both 700 models has Alexa built in, so you have your two LED displays on the front.

HDMI art service

One will light up the front of the speaker metal grille all around when Alexa can’t hear you and one will light up the front of the speaker metal grille when Alexa can hear you, similar to the Bose seven hundred and three hundred, which has three speakers in the front, one on each side.
Once in the back, you have your standard inputs and outputs, such as your HDMI art service, optical in Ethernet, IR, base, adapt IQ, and power. Okay, so second, we have the Bose base module 500.

700 and 300 acoustic modules

The larger soundbars are the Bose 300, 500, and 700. The 300 is the standard model, while the 700 is Lexan-enabled, and the 500 is a smaller soundbar with a more compact sound. It’s a Lexan Ableton, and as you can see, it’s designed for the smaller 700 and 300 acoustic modules. On the back, you’ll only find the basic power cord slot.
Bose Bass Module 500 cyber monday

Virtually invisible speakers

You have your service LED light right here, and then you just need to press the connection button to get this thing set up, so this is the cheapest bass module of all of the Bose surround sound systems.
You’ve got the Bose surround speakers / virtually invisible speakers, as they were previously known, so let’s take a look inside. Inside, we have the two Bose surround speakers / virtually invisible speakers to speaker adapters.

Wireless receiver

Each wireless receiver is connected to it, but luckily for you, it comes with the power cord and the long adapters so you can simply hide it. If you need to, you can also mount these on the walls or get speaker stands and then simply hide the cables into the walls under couches.
These can be placed under a side table, behind the TV standard, or wherever you want, but they are absolutely necessary to complete any surround sound system.
Bose Bass Module 500 boxing day

Soundbar system

From Bose, it gives it that extra push over a hundred per cent sound into the realm of epic sound, so these are definitely must-have both surround speakers. They’re about four inches tall, three and a half inches long, and three and a quarter-inch wide all right.
So, overall, the Bose 500 soundbar system, acoustic module, and surround speakers make up the 500 series, and it’s a great investment if you’re looking for a soundbar system that’s good for living rooms, game rooms, and home theatres.

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