Bosch Serie 6 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Bosch Serie 6 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

firstly as you can probably see it’s got really sleek modern contemporary design which would fit in beautifully with any modern kitchen it also has a washing machine that has a matching design as well so if that’s something you’re looking for then they would look amazing side-by-side unfortunately we don’t have an awful room in our kitchen to have them side-by-side so this is in our shed but that just goes to show you not to outlaw the possibility of having a tumble dryer. Check Out Samsung DV80 5 Black Friday¬†

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just because you don’t have the room inside your home so I think a little outside the box and think you know if it’s something that you really won’t think about where else you could put it like for us it was the shed we’ve got quite a bit of space down here only just outside the back door so it won’t be too much hassle coming backward and forwards.

Tumble Dryer

through some of the features of this tumble dryer now this may look like the sort of fabric conditioner and detergent thing of a washing machine towards that but it’s actually not if you pull it out you can see that it’s a condenser tray what that does is as your dryer is drying the load obviously it takes the water out of the clothes and it pops it into that door so every few days just be aware that you’re gonna have to empty that drawer.

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Quick & Simple

which is a really quick and simple job but obviously something that you don’t want to forget now that’s on the dryer itself I’ve got a really huge job now seriously guys this is definitely something to get excited about because the drum is so so big like managed to get with two or three loads in there or once because obviously not everything is tumbled rail anyway.

Fire Hazard

so please make sure that you clean that regularly because they can be a real fire hazard if they’re not cleaned out so we like to keep those next you can see there are quite a few different settings on here firstly we’ve got the cotton one and that would give you a three hour and 38 minutes finished in time this is really handy because it actually gives you a good guide as to when your tumble dry is going to be finished.

bosch series 5 deals

Settings & Programs

there’s a special one for down where there’s special for wool finish special for shirts and iron dry and covered dry and sportswear and towels it’s also got a timed program for a warm setting and a time to program for a cold setting as I’m sure you know some clothes I only like to be tumble dried on the core set so it’s handy that Lisa’s got both the warm the cold setting now I really want to show you how quiet.


this is because it’s just like the Bose Siri for a washing machine my channel it’s really really quiet like I’m talking to you now of the raising my voice until just camping at the Lego I was out before now this is perfect for if it comes to the late evening Portia and the kids are in bed if you think they do it’s pretty much an open awake in accordion Harvey making any the other great feature about they space sighs mm radiative energy.

now energy usage for an acquire this means that I relax everything why do people prefer my electricity bills

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