Blue Yeti Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Blue Yeti Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

This microphone is made with very sturdy metal with the stand that it comes with it measures about 12 inches but the microphone itself is about eight inches tall by three inches wide and it weighs about three and a half pounds this is definitely not a small a microphone the beauty of the blue yeti is that there is no need for a driver or software to use it so it’s very beginner-friendly you just plug it into your computer or phone. Check Out Akg C414 Black Friday


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Volume Knob

An adapter and you start recording the blue yeti does an awesome job of mixing simplicity durability professional features along with high-quality sound and aesthetic looks all in one microphone at the front of the microphone you find the mute button which blinks when mute is enabled below the mute button there is a headphone volume knob and when you look at the bottom there’s a headphone jack that allows for monitoring of your microphone in real-time.


You’re recording and make sure the audio levels are where you want them to be which sometimes is a must-have feature to have in a microphone here you also have the USB cable port and a standard thread mount on the bottom that we’re using to put our microphone on our boom arm.

Extremely Versatile

Under the mesh cap the blue yeti has three condenser microphones which make this microphone extremely versatile for any recording situation on the back of the microphone you have the gain control knob that allows you to control how much sound the microphone is picking up a good rule of thumb is to start your gain at zero then move it up a bit until you achieve the quality you’re looking for but make sure you don’t have it up past the middle.


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Omnidirectional Mode.

There is a pattern selector where you can choose from four different types of recording settings you have the cardio mode which is the one that we’re recording with right now this model focuses on the sound directly in front of the microphone then you have the stereo mode which divides the sound into left right and front directional sounds this mode is good when you want the listener to hear the movement from left to right next is the omnidirectional mode.


Which will pick up sound from all around the microphone good for when you want to record ambient sounds the last one is the bi-directional mode for a two-person conversation like in a podcast this mode will pick up sound from the front and the back of the microphone and minimize sounds from the sides and now we’re back to the cardioid mode you can use this microphone for any type of recording or live audio like youtube Microsoft team meetings zoom or music recording and much more.

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Popping Sounds

Now let’s talk about how you can get the best quality out of your new microphone when using the cardioid mode you want to make sure you’re speaking directly to the front of the microphone towards the blue yeti logo also for better sound you want to make sure you’re close to the microphone I like to be four to six inches away from the microphone to get rich and deep voice recordings you might want to get a pop filter dot to reduce certain popping sounds when speaking since you’re gonna be speaking relatively close to the microphone.


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