Beoplay H8i Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Get a Beoplay H8i Black Friday Deal and save on your favourite Earbuds, check our latest Beoplay H8i Cyber Monday & Boxing Day.

Beoplay H8i Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Let’s have a look at beer play h8i and the difference from the old model so let’s check out the barks beer play h8i active noise cancellation wireless on-ear headphones luxurious lightweight materials superior sound and up to 30 hours playback time impressive.

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beoplay h8i headphone

Jack plug

What’s in the box officer we’ve got the actual headphones themselves which we’ll come on to in a second all very nice there we go we’ve got an arrangement of little boxes so in here we have audio lead so if you do run out of battery you can plug in the three and a half mil jack plug and use a wired connection so you never without your music the usual guide e stuff and a nice soft ooh silica gel don’t forget the silica gel a flight adapter.

USB USB C charging leads

USBC has been introduced for charging see also get a USB USB C charging leads no more micro USB comments-section will be very happy a beer play h8i is available in the natural finish from launch and also rather lovely black the original h8 had to touch control similar to h9 and h 9i so he could use volume and track and stuff like that. but that has been removed and since the aluminium touch controls are now removed from h8i they’ve been replaced with these tactile buttons so you’ve got the volume up and down on the sides and then the middle button you press and hold for Bluetooth pairing.

beoplay h8i cyber monday

Aluminium disc

You can tap to play and pause or answer and phone calls and a double-tap doors next track and a triple tap does previous track so a few physical differences between the original aged 8 and the new h8i, so you see the aluminum disc on top because it doesn’t have touch controls on the new h8i, sits a bit closer so they’re not quite as big the old switch that used for on/off and Bluetooth pairing has been replaced.

Sensor and extra call quality

HHI also has a proximity sensor which is kind of cool so when you pop them on your head and start playing your music and then remove them it will pause the music for you and then when you place them back on your head it will automatically play again so h8i is 30 grams lighter than their previous the h8 which makes them a bit more comfortable they’re a bit less noticeable on your head they’ve added extra call quality with the dedicated microphone this industry-leading playtime.

beoplay h8i boxing day

Impressive battery life transparency mode

They say now with an impressive up to 30 hours of playtime I always take up two figures with a little bit of a pinch of salt up to thirty hours might be ambitious but who knows we’ll see but nevertheless extremely impressive battery life transparency mode has been added the proximity sensor as Now connect to devices so yes the fifty pounds cheaper and they’ve lost a couple of things but I think we’ve added more than they’ve lost so what do they sound like I’ve been testing h8i and h9 I over the last week or so I’ve got to say am I CLE impressed.

H9 similarities

The increased battery life that’s very impressive and the Justice is comfortable I thought it more comfortable because they’re lighter and as an added bonus they are 50 pounds cheaper in the UK which is great the sounds are again awesome I think up still prefer h9 I there was new favourites but these come very close second the thing that struck me most with h8i is the mid-range performance and the detail the DF notice stuff and music on these on some very familiar tracks.

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