Behringer Xr18 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deas 2021

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Behringer Xr18 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

There’s a power cable around the back and there’s an ethernet cable and the USB but the ethernet needs to be plugged in there we have that switch set to ethernet and then the USB needs to be plugged in here but they, of course, they don’t fit with the uh with the front on. Check Out Xvive U2 Black Friday


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X-air software

The thing you need to get started after that is just plugging the USB into your computer and somehow connecting to the network it’s a little bit complicated um setting this mixer up because um it’s not just an audio interface it’s a mixer as well so there are two things you’re going to need going on the first is your daw and the second is the x-air software which is how you manage it.

USB connection

There’s an ethernet cable in the back that you can plug into and I’ve connected the USB as well so the USB connects to my laptop and allows me to do the daw stuff like recording and then you need a network connection to do the managing so there’s band wi-fi five connected to those I automatically see that it gets an IP address for me and it finds the mixer and so I can choose that and click connect.

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PC match

The pc match whatever the mixer has so I do mix it to pc so within the software you’ve got quite a few different modes so if you click mixer in the top left this is your kind of basic um mixer mode where you’ve got channels you can mute and you can see over here you’re on main left and right you can switch to any of the monitor outs by choosing in here you can also see up here at a glance.


The other thing that you can do is go click channel here which gives you more input on whatever or more settings for whatever channel is selected so if I select the base channel you can see this is where I adjust the gain so I’ve got something plugged into the base channel and I can adjust the gain as needed and that will work inside or that will give us the right level inside the dow as well. let’s say you want the metronome as well.

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USB return

They’re going to be playing singing and listening through the mixer through the auxiliaries so they need to hear the sound coming back from the daw into the mixer as well so my daw just sends on uh out on kind of output one so what I’ve done inside the mixer is I’ve kept a channel 17 which I’ve called daw return and at the top here on the left I’ve changed this to be USB return.

Gate eq compression

While I’m recording don’t monitor what’s being recorded and I don’t need to do that because it’s already being sent to the auxiliaries through what’s happening here so I think that’s the key bit there’s kind of gate eq compression none of that has an effect on what’s actually recorded um uh the other thing is that once you’re happy if you click the snapshot button you can save a snapshot.


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