Beats Solo3 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Beats Solo 3 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

That will vary a little bit depending on how often you’re using them and how loudly you listen to music, but 40 hours is pretty phenomenal for wireless headphones number two is they have a fast charge feature. If you plug them in for about five minutes, you’re going to get about roughly three hours of playback time. Grab a Deal on SteelSeries Arctis 7 Black Friday.

Beats Solo 3 Wireless Headphones

I had five things that light now full disclosure. I wear these to commute in; I wear them to work out in, and I wear them at work. I’ve had them for about seven months, and they’ve stood the test of time. I can accurately tell you about the pros that I find with these in both a workout setting and just a day-to-day setting, so my first Pro is these have about 40 hours of battery life now that’s awesome.

Beats Solo 3 Black Friday

Sync Up with Cell Phones

They’ve only minimally chipped. There hasn’t been any issue with the full construction of the headphone now. That could vary but for me. I haven’t noticed any breakdown when falling off of my head from, like a, let’s say, a four to five-foot angle depending on where I’m at during a deadlift set my fourth pro with these headphones is the W one ship that comes with them.

Beats Solo 3 cyber monday

Features and Qualities

Suppose you like loud music when you’re lifting or going for a top set. You want to blast that music which I don’t recommend doing all the time for your health. They’re great. So they are very loud, so again, my five pros battery life quick charge w1 chip durable and loud, alright. Now let’s talk about the cons of the beats solo through wireless headphones.

Three Major Abilities

Three major reasons number one is that connectivity very rarely has I ever had any connectivity with these headphones. I’ve had headphones cut out all the time in terms of other wireless headphones. But these are pretty freak in phenomenal I can leave my phone down at the end of the gym do a set of walking lunges down and back. I never have any issues with connectivity.

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Headphone Work

I want to cover with these headphones working out is the material around the earphone itself does a pretty good job at resisting sweat. Now obviously, if you look like you just went swimming, you might notice some issues, but in seven months and you keep poking both sides, and you only get one button that works, so to skip a song.


But that’s pretty much all it comes with the functionality of these headphones regarding what to expect. You have the lights down here to indicate battery life. You can click it. Once and it will show you how much battery is left, you have the micro USB charging that comes along with these headphones Google and beats solo three wireless headphones.

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