Blackvue Dr900s Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Blackvue Dr900s Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Here to go ahead and test your review and I literally just got it yesterday so I want to go ahead and share you guys or share with you guys my initial impressions of the dashcam so obviously, the big new feature is the fact that it shoots in 4k which is a big step up from the dr7 50s which shoots at 1080p I went ahead and mounted the dr 900 s,

check out Nikon D7100 Black Friday alongside my dr 750 s today went for a drive this morning just to take a look at what kind of additional level of detail we have with the 4k version and it turns out looking at the video footage.

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4K Print Video

it’s really cool to actually see it like that you know now one of the concerns about moving to 4k is the fact that we’ve got four times the resolution and so with that much more detail it could just blow through your memory card so one change that they’ve made is we now have the option of using a new more efficient compression algorithm to keep file sizes smaller instead of using just h.264 we now also have h.265 available its HEV C which stands for high-efficiency video coding as the name implies it’s a more efficient codec used to compress the video.


you’re looking at about a hundred and ninety megabytes per minute which means that the dr 750 s recording at 1080p and 60fps has the scene file size as this new 4k dr 900s so we’ve got four times the resolution and the same file size which is very impressive that’s the power of h.265 we also have the option of shooting at h.264 the files will be larger.

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Hardware & Cables

you guys who are looking to upgrade from the dr 750 s it’s super easy you can basically use your existing hardware your mounts your cables and it’s pretty plug-and-play you can pull out your dr 750 s and you can slide in the dr 900 s in its place you can even use your existing cabling plug in your rear camera plug in your power cable and it’ll work perfectly now the rear cam for the dr 900 s is literally the exact same one that’s used for the dr 750 s for those of you guys upgrading from the dr 650 s the cables are compatible as well but the front mount is not compatible and the rear cam obviously is different instead of 720p.

Rear Black Cam

we’re moving to 1080p and so you’re going to need a different rear camera and you’re gonna need a different front mount but otherwise, the power cable and the front to rear dash cam cable that’s the same earlier today BlackVue actually posted an article on their website that goes over all the different dash cams and their level of compatibility with the dr 900 s in terms of accessories you know with both the mounts and the people’s so for those of you guys running uh various black view cameras.

blackvue dr900s rear cam

VR 750s

now obviously video quality is the main thing I’m interested in testing and so I want to do a bunch of driving and compare it to the VR 750s in a variety of different lighting conditions I’m also really interested to see how it performs at night the dr 900s was actually delayed for a little while because BlackVue wasn’t really happy with the nighttime performance and so they actually made some changes to it and this is what we have available now and so I’m really curious to see how it fares in terms of night vision capabilities.

Final Words

I still have my f 800 Pro and the dod RC 500 s mounted on my windshield and so I’ll be doing some comparison testing with those cans as well I’m also really curious about the vfo a119 that actually shoots at 1440p as opposed to 1080p like these others and it’s closer to this dr 900s at 4k and so I’d like to see how that one compares in terms of video quality and this morning I actually just ordered the new GoPro Hero 6 like this dashcam

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