ASUS Vivo Book Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Get an ASUS VivoBook 17 Black Friday Deal and save on your favorite Laptop. Check our latest ASUS VivoBook 17 Cyber Monday 2021.

ASUS Vivo Book 17 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

we got here the Aces vo book X 705 this is a 17-inch notebook for people on a budget it lies on high-quality bills casings with nice highlights the large screen with slightly improved image quality makes it more useful as a home computer even in basic graphics performance may limit some hardcore gameplay but maybe there are a few more surprises. Check out ASUS Vivo Book S413EA Black Friday

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Value-Oriented System

if you look closer so what else is in the box well we just have the usual inch adapter charging cables and manuals sadly no hidden treasure here that’s a bummer as this is a value-oriented system the CPU and storage futures are a bit more minimalistic the 17-inch anti-glare trainer of the X 705 futures on a trivial solution of 1600 by 900 which is higher than a standard high deal solution.


it’s office good card would know we wish the panel were a bit brighter the lid back has fine black textures like the button to add some texture we consecrate a brushed aluminum plate futuring Asus logo in the middle won’t stop located the center of screen Christmas secure and the movement of lead is leaner the base unit underside is made of plastic this design is supposed to give the laptop a very prestigious loop a more metal appears.

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when the display is open the overall system configuration of our review sample makes a very good impression thanks to the SSD disk and the OS is booted and ready to use with just 15 seconds it produces decent sound it’s light enough thanks to the built-in software suite you have to evacuate your George you will find the standard and USB type-c port on the right there are two USB ports for use with newest high-speed external drives the Weaver book triplet keyboard works.


it still felt like you will hit the bottom on the cable too quickly it has a fast and fluid action that are of typing at the speed and a good amount of space on the left and the right the blinding properties are good and the mask also appears to be equipped responsive and easy to use and efficient cooling system keeps the average farm rest surface temperature below hot around 36 degrees Celsius temperature so you get a good cooling performance of cable the battery of X 705 uses a first standard 3 or 6 cell pack and support first charge technology.

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Battery & Energy

which can charge the battery in less than one and a half-hour in weapon video testing this resulted in just over 2 hours of running time before it had to charge it again if all settings are set in Low Energy eco mode it could last over 4 hours I’m katana and I need the Asus X 705 is one basic home in office laptops that the liver has so let experience to users for a reasonable price.

Three Processors

it has a few improvements over the older model it’s now thinner and lighter the keyboard and touchpad are slightly more responsive larger laptop seekers may find something to like in this 17-inch model in its favor is a decent processor fast SSD storage capacity if you can play a little more consider the version with I three processors which provides better performance for editing software and for HD display.

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