Asus Rog Swift Pg279q Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

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Asus Rog Swift Pg279q Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

The rug swift pg279 and I will open it now this will go together with my new rig but due to some issue with the power, I don’t want to plug it in now so I’m using a surge protector.

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Asus Pg279q monitor

750 watts power supply

Buying up later the power supply is 750 watts it’ll be nice to put the ups for the screen and the computer so if you have any suggestions I’d be glad to hear I’m in the general Europe area so I use 220 volts this apparently only comes in the European model it’s uh converter from 110 volts to 220 and it’s kind of weird because I wouldn’t expect the tv screener monitor.

USB ports

To have this put that aside it has a display port cable as well as an HDMI one I’m not sure if these are vesta certified but oh we’ll try with them this is a USB 3.0 one so you could get the speakers, as well as some USB ports I do have a 14-day return window so that’s why I’m reviewing it now instead of waiting until my ups come I’m going to plug it in the wall for a few minutes, run some tests and hopefully it won’t cause any issues um I will be opening this enough to put my phone somewhere else.

Asus Pg279q deals

Power cable

Hang on there are some of those things that came out of the package there’s the amount as well as a guide and a power cable this is one that they packaged in after the fact that VIP members notice if you look in these later let’s unpack the mount that it comes with before we move on to the next stitch here’s the mount rog gaming and NVidia is g-sync I’ll bring over the monitor and then we’ll move on so I just pushed it in there are two little teeth and then you need to screw this in you don’t need any actual screws you could do it all by hand I’m just tighten.

Specs IPS display and 2k 25 60 by 1440 overclocked at 165 hertz

It all the way and this is uh this is I guess the best way of securing it and it’s pretty sturdy now let’s stand it up I’ll go for some specs ips display qhd 2k 25 60 by 1440 overclocked at 165 hertz it has uh g-sync also it has speakers like I mentioned before and USB ports and it says it’s a five millisecond response time I just put this together and I play around with it and then you’ll see in the next part as for moving, in the beginning, it’s kind of hard but here you could push and pull I was moving from the stand and for some reason, it doesn’t move like that so you just need to use this go up-down.

Asus Pg279q black friday

Joystick And USB cable

It’s not curved excited here’s kind of a joystick for the menu options which is cool I ha I’m not used to that in monitors and here are some of the many buttons they’re very clicky here’s the I o um you probably can’t see it from there and plug in a USB C USB cable into my computer to actually get anything to work but it is cool and that’s it for the unboxing I’m going to plug it into my laptop and we’ll see some more soon.

2k Screen

I just turned on connected to my laptop I have it at extending displays this is uh like I said before 2k monitor I had to change the scaling to 100 although I mean you could obviously change it as you will please right now it’s overclocking on which is kind of pointless.

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