ASUS C223NA Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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ASUS C223NA Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

The ASUS C223NA is a very nice Chromebook. It gives a sleek and elegant look. Now, the side looks on the left side. We have a USB-C port for charging. We have a microSD port and we have a headphone jack and a USB of port here’s the front on the right. we have these grips so that the device doesn’t slip and we have the speaker’s they are good speakers they play at 86 decibels. Check out Acer Aspire 5 Black Friday.

ASUS Chromebook C223NA

We can also see the exposed screws now, let’s move on to the inside, so when you try to open this device, you cannot open it with one finger, although it’s possible to open it using both hands. So right as I opened it, the laptop turned on, and as you may have noticed, the keyboard is a Chromebook keyboard the touchpad is placed in the middle it’s a nice size it is not too bad.

asus c223na black friday


When it boots up, it goes right up to Chrome. You can choose your background on the homepage, and then you have a shelf, and you can change the shelf position. You can move it to the left to the right but let’s keep it back in the bottom [Music] moving on it has a camera up here it’s a pretty good camera the device runs Chrome OS. when we go to the settings, we can see it’s the Chrome OS settings it’s connected to Wi-Fi and everything and, to be honest, it’s a really good laptop if you have the chance to get it.

ASUS C223NA Cyber Monday

ASUS C223NA vs Android

I would highly suggest you do it on the dock. We click the YouTube button, and we are brought to YouTube. One of the recommended videos is a cow radar. Now let’s do a video test. Let’s go ahead and watch this video so that this device can play up to 1080p, but this video isn’t recorded in 1080p. It is what the video looks like on full brightness. Another feature is that it has a privacy shield. If you look from a 15-degree angle from either side, it should look visibly distorted. The people beside you can’t interrupt, and you get privacy for typing. I like it. The keys are very softy and they feel economical. They don’t feel cheap.

ASUS C223NA laptop boxing day


Overall it has a nice feel to it here, and we can see some of the chrome OS keys. We can make something full screen make it on full screen. We can see the multitasker. Another cool feature is that this Chromebook has the Google Assistant built-in, so saying the words okay Google or hey Google will trigger the assistant to work, as you can see. I said the words, and it popped up. Another way to turn it on is by using this search button here; we can see all of our apps. One great feature of owning a Chromebook is that you can download any apps that you could get on an Android phone.


If you wanted Snapchat, you could download it on this Chromebook, our overall opinion as I’ve owned this laptop for two weeks. I love this laptop. It charges with a USB see on this site, and it just feels nice and sturdy. It wasn’t that expensive, and it was at a reasonable price. I would suggest this laptop for a student.

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