Alesis Recital Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Get an Alesis Recital Black Friday Deal and save on your favourite Piano. Check our latest Alesis Recital Cyber Monday & Boxing Day sales.

Alesis Recital Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

The first play of this as you can see is already open but it’s because when I received it from UPS it was already broken right here so I was a little concerned so I opened it to make sure everything was okay cosmetically it looks fine but I just wanted to you know to open it to make sure but other than that I have not taken it out.

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Alesis Recital boxing day


So let’s open it up very quickly trying to make this video short so it’s like less or something like it’s an 88 key keyboard so take this out and here we go so anil esses recital keyboard I am really excited about this and it’s good looking so let’s open it up this is a very good looking keyboard very simple.


I had an amazon gift card so I basically only got it for a hundred it is semi-weighted keys so let me see if it comes with a power cord all right finally got the power out here it comes in this little box and let’s get this baby out so I guess you put the stand I don’t really understand how that works hmm not sure where this goes I’ll have to read the instructions and everything.

Alesis Recital cyber monday

Four Speakers

So I’ll just go out there for right now but yeah let’s get this plugged in and hear how it sounds so it looks like on the back of the keyboard we have we have a USB port a sustain port so the sustain port so that’s for the foot pedals if I want to add one we got a line in Jack four speakers a headphone jack and then a power down here okay.


So looks like what was in the rest of the box was just this part so this part is actually what goes right here and then oh it kind of clips right here yeah there we go and then it comes with this little booklet that I will be reading so it’s the analysis I’ll put a link to the actual Amazon listing for this guy for this keyboard in the description.

Alesis Recital black friday


Let’s give it a try see what it sounds like let me make sure you guys can see all right turn it on so there’s the master volume there we go so it looks like you can add a reverb electric piano organ bass and I split I’m gonna learn how to use that but I do know that you can split it in half so some over here you sound like synths I’m over here sound like a piano whatever you want to do so let’s just give it a little try.

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