Akg Y50 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Akg Y50 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

The AKG y50bt Bluetooth headphones… let’s go… starting with the physical design, I do feel that these headphones have enough padding in the headband and on the ear cups. Check Out¬†Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 Black Friday


akg y50 black friday

Pretty fine material

A little bit of discomfort if I use them for about two hours, one thing about these headphones is that you can adjust them and you can actually get it to where they will have almost a perfect fit over your ears and once you have the right markings which you will let you know on the side you can always go back and easily adjust and before you start using them padding in the ear cups they it looks like they’re pretty.

Easy to handle

A lot of people mentioned that these earphones were coming apart after some time so make sure you take care of them don’t handle them through the ear cups because I can easily see these breaking instantly when it comes to storage you can fold them inside or when you want to carry them with you in your neck you can actually just turn the cup sideways overall they look pretty stylish they do not cover your ears so they’re basically gonna be on top of your ears.

akg y50 cyber monday

Micro USB charging port

When it comes to the physical features in one ear cup you’re gonna have the actual micro USB charging port right on the other side you’re gonna have the power button further down you’re gonna have the volume rockers and you’re gonna have the media but now right in between you’re gonna have the audio jack port and one thing you got to keep in mind is that this is not gonna be the regular 3.5-millimeter audio jack.

2.5-millimeter jack

This is kind of strange because on these headphones one end tip is gonna be 3.5 and the other one end tip that goes into the ear cups it’s going to be a 2.5-millimeter jack something to keep in mind make sure you don’t lose that cable because you’re not gonna be able to just the usual cables that you have at home now let’s talk about the sound quality if you use the Bluetooth mode you’re supposed to get up to 20 hours of use time.

akg y50 boxing day

 Pulsating sound

The battery level on this headphone so basically you don’t know when they’re gonna run out of battery until they run out usually when you start losing some of the volume quality or some of the sound qualities that the battery is about to die other than that the sound quality when it comes to base some of the music some of the songs if it’s a very loud bass they may sound a little bit distorted but overall they do an awesome job.

Bluetooth connection

She just automatically shut off and they shouldn’t give me any feedback through it other than that I usually use the outer jacket what that came with it if I’m on the computer on my phone they just sound great it regardless is from if I’m using the Bluetooth connection or the cable both ways.

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