AKAI MPK Mini 3 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Get an AKAI MPK Mini 3 Black Friday Deal and save on your favourite Drum Pad, check our AKAI MPK Mini 3 Cyber Monday & Boxing Day.

AKAI MPK Mini 3 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Akai mpk mini mk3 long name always uh make sure that I try to say that right but um this is a really really dope mini midi controller uh that I reviewed on this channel about six months ago uh back in like September of 2020 is when I reviewed it so I’ve had it for six months and I’ve had the opportunity to run this through its paces I’ve had the opportunity to really put it through some real production stuff. Check Out Positive Grid Black Friday


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I can really have an objective opinion about it so the verdict is after having it for six months I really have to tell you that it is probably one of the best little controllers I have in my arsenal because it is a small lightweight it will fit in your bag I’ve had several um many many controllers that don’t fit well in the bag that I have this will fit pretty much in any uh bag that you know you have you know whether it’s a big bag little bag.


Whatever the case may be back satchel you can put this in there very travel worthy I’ve travelled a little bit with this i haven’t travelled a whole lot but whenever I do travel this is the board that I’m taking with me and keeping with me along uh the way because it is just it’s just perfect um and so I haven’t done like you know been 50 places with it but I’ve been about 10 you know what I’m saying and I carry it with me it carries well uh I haven’t had any it has it’s the scratching hadn’t really done anything.

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I hadn’t really had any scratches or anything in it from sliding it in out of my bag when I’ve used it so it’s done pretty well with that now as far as the control and stuff is concerned like your pads and all these other little modes and stuff i personally don’t use these a whole lot but that’s because I have stuff like this to control and other little control surfaces to control my daw.


I’m not really a beatmaker so I don’t really use the pads like that it’s not something that really hops off at me that I use but there have been times when I’ve been out and I’ve you know been using this and the knobs and stuff have come in handy for like you know just some little levelling of my tracks and stuff like that but the pads I don’t really do like beats like that not that type of a producer so like having beat pads don’t really like it’s not like my top priority in terms of what I need out of a controller but the keys are the biggest thing that I need and these keys.

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I feel great and I was adamant about that even in my uh initial review is that the keys felt a really really good definite step up from the previous model, uh and they feel good and they have uh held up well uh through doing this now one of the things that I do with this on a day-to-day basis it pretty much sits on my, uh you know desk just like this so that I can have you know access to it so it’s something that I reach up when I’m you know doing like awk stuff like key like a key base.

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