Aftershokz Xtrainerz Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Aftershokz Xtrainerz Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Conducting headphones that have built-in storage and they work underwater so you can use these while swimming without a phone how’s it going everyone real quick the past couple of years we’re gonna review these briefly at the end and give you a comparison between these before we dive into what makes these so unique.

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aftershokz xtrainer black friday

Waterproof triathlon focused

What makes these X trainers different than bone-conducting earbuds of the past from aftershocks so the big selling point right here is these are the waterproof triathlon focused headphones that have built-in storage so you do not need to carry a phone with them they have four gigabytes of onboard storage which is good for roughly a thousand songs and you can use these underwater while swimming so in the box you obviously get the headphones.

Rubber protector

Also used for the charge ring as well as transferring data onto the headphones from your computer it also comes with a little rubber protector for the end of the USB plug which I’m sure you’re gonna lose right away but in the event you don’t, it’ll keep it dry and then lastly you get some waterproof earplugs quick note on the proprietary charging block kind of a bummer.

aftershokz xtrainer cyber monday

Significant quality

Do events that are longer than eight hours so with that said let’s talk about first impressions and the actual usability of them the very very first thing that I noticed right away was the sound quality is significantly improved. A lot less bass on both of the headphones compared to quote-unquote real headphones and then a little bit muddier on the airs versus the X trainers the second thing is because these are over-the-ear earbuds.

Perfectly well music

They have nothing to do with your ear canal you can use foamy earplugs plug your ears really well and then BAM these work through bone conduction you can hear your music perfectly well because they do have that you know band behind them you might run into some fit issues last year when it was winter and I was trying to pair these some sunglasses and a beanie was running into some issues.

Rio mp3 player

These air pads feel really big so next, let’s talk about connectivity with these are not Bluetooth headphones it’s these sort of take you back to 2005 Rio mp3 player kind of feel where you’re dragging and dropping music from your computer onto these it’s kind of ironic that now that so many of us legally pay for music using Spotify or another service it’s actually kind of hard to find mp3’s hopefully in a future implementation they’ll be able to combine storage.

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IP 68 certified

You can drag and drop music like on these and then also Bluetooth so you don’t have to make that trade-off but this is where we’re at right now if that’s something that’s gonna be a deal-breaker for you the new air OPEX is basically these without the built-in storage and with the Bluetooth so that’s probably the option you’re gonna want to look at alright so let’s talk about swimming, in short, they work really well they are IP 68 certified which means they’re certified for submersion in moving water they are comfortable while you swim.


This is a bit advanced but it would have been really neat to have you know maybe some accelerometers built-in so maybe the device can tell when you do a flip turn you know to give you pacing information that sort of thing use a lot don’t expect to be doing a bunch of navigation for those of you who ever used the old iPod shuffles where you couldn’t really pick your music.

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