Acer Chromebook R13 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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Acer Chromebook R13 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

The Acer Chromebook R 13 device sports an all-aluminium build full HD display 360-degree hinge but its intrigue actually lies elsewhere it could be considered the first of a new breed of Chromebook built expressly with Android apps in mind with a lot of these devices coming in the next few months. Check out ASUS C223NA Black Friday.

acer chromebok r13 black friday

Pixel design with squarish boxy sides

Acer carve out a space and what looks to become a pretty crowded market more importantly is this the Chromebook for you let’s take a look make no mistake the Acer Chromebook R Thirteen’s design feels inspired it’s made of all aluminium front and back inside and out and feels way more premium would have you think it’s a bit of a pixel esque design with squarish boxy sides and it doesn’t really look like anything else.

No sharply cut angles.

Acer makes that’s a good thing it’s not to say that Acer makes ugly devices it simply means OMS are finally starting to pay attention to Chromebooks and take design language seriously when it comes to building them it’s not all perfect here but if there’s done a nice job building a device I like having in front of a client solid and smooth no weird or sharply cut angles.

Single USB a full-size SD card and HDMI port

It’s comfortable to handle its thin modern light and easy to throw in a bag port selection on the AR 13 is fair lots of access with a single USBC a single USB a full-size SD card and HDMI port we also have a standard headphone microphone jack and Kensington port downward and sideward firing speakers look and sound really good giving it really full sound and pretty much any orientation.

acer chromebook r13 boxing day sale

Glossy display

The case the screen itself is quite good decently bright and viewing angles are pretty good for a device in this price range and its glossy display being touch is going to pick up a lot of fingerprints so have something close to wipe it off outdoor viewing is possible but indoors is where you’re going to get the best experience things stay sharp though a little bit small.

Resolution of 1920 by 1080

The screen that has a native resolution of 1920 by 1080 for me I’d rather have a 1600 by 900 screen or 3200 by 1800 like the HP 13 g1 that’s a discussion for another day at 13 inches 16 by 9 display makes for an awkward tablet mode it’s kind of large and it’s really tall when held in portrait mode the iPad Pro comes in around 13 inches but its square design makes it and feel less unwieldy in the hand holding a device this large with this orientation in portrait mode is just plain awkward.

Fraction of a Millimetre

The trackpad was good as well again I had a little play in the trackpad similar but not nearly as bad as the HP 13 g1 it is a little tough to explain feels a bit like the trackpad hovering just a fraction of a millimetre above the actual click element so when you go to click there’s a slight depression before you actually click the button it makes it feel almost like you’re getting a double click as you go to actually manually press the button.\

acer chromebok r13 cyber monday

Unique processor

It’s one of the better trackpads I’ve navigated with on a Chromebook aside from those weird click mechanics I really did enjoy using it internally we’re met with a unique processor in the MediaTek this review is still not shipping with that in the stable channel granted.

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